Learning to Play

an instrument has many proven benefits. Music assists in children’s emotional and intellectual development and enriches our lives. It is a craft which fosters strength and patience, exploring the great dimensions of time, rhythm, energy and motion. A universal language, music is a bridge-building skill to take pride in.

works for 'CELLO and PIANO

  • Pergolesi's ' Nina' - g minor
  • Kreisler's 'Rondino'-  G major
  • Zigeunerweisen- Score and technical studies
  • "Flight of the Bumblebee"- Transcribed by Bryant
  • Tchaikovsky's 6 French Songs
  • Francoeur 'Sonata #4'

CELLO Ensembles arr. by Bryant

  • Ikufube's 'Gojira' theme from the 1954 film
  • Stand by Me
  • When Johnny Comes Marching Home
  • Ode to Joy- a duet for the first  'cello recital


Unique cello ensembles and solo transcriptions.


Cellist and teacher, Nada Radulovich is an experienced mentor for students of all ages.
A graduate of Smith College, Manhattan School of Music and the Peabody Institute,   she has completed extensive Suzuki Teacher Training with Pam Davenport- head of the cello department at 'The School for Strings' in Manhattan, Rick Mooney, director of the National Cello Institute and renown pedagogue Dr. Shu-yi Scott.

In continuing to seek out new ideas and clarify her approach to teaching, Nada aims to nurture critical and creative thinking, to foster reflective study, and equip students with knowledge and skill to promote their musicianship and self confidence.

She maintains a private studio and welcomes students to her virtual classroom from across the country and world.

Community concerts are a focal point in her activities as a performer, teacher, and class leader.  To inquire about individual and group cello classes, please contact Nada at:


Thank You for your interest

Zoom Sessions. Group classes and Private lessons

Fun remote lessons. Keeping students engaged. Inspire and be inspired.

Home Lessons

Travels to students homes when conditions permit.

Student Recitals: March 22, 2020, June 14, 2020

In the time of social distancing, students share musical project with Zoom, Live streaming and interacticve apps such as Acapella.

Living Room Concerts

Invite family and friends over for a remote concert in your living room organized and accompanied by your teacher.

Concerts by Nada


Motivated by a love of music and the bridges/connection that music builds

Nada Radulovich
Nada Radulovich
Nada Radulovich

My Mission

To focus student's successful approach to problem solving through the art of practicing; to nurture their confidence which comes with success, and to teach that the beauty of music is a goal for us to reach and share.


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"Vibrant, ... engaging" - infodad.com

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Nada Radulovich